Please wait for few minutes, a music file is downloaded "Island in Leningrad..." Music, singing and synthesizer: Zlata Razdolina, Lyrics: Joseph Brodski

Zlata Razdolina

Composer, Author and Performer
of Song and Romance Cycles

to lyrics by famous Russian poets

dedicated to St. Petersburg (Leningrad)

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In this CD Zlata is performing her musical settings to lyrics dedicated to St. Petersburg (Leningrad).

The CD is published as Zlata"s contribution to the celebrations indicating 300 years from the establishment of her beloved childhood city.

Among the poets" whose songs were composed and performed by Zlata, which are presented in this CD are: Anna Akhmatova; Olga Berggoltz; Semyon Botvinik; Joseph Brodsky; Michael Dudin; Yuri Kracavin; Osip Mandelshtam; Vadim Shefner; Pavel Shubin and Makretzki.




Song list for the CD


“I will drink from the Neva’s water”


Set for music after St. Petersburg (Leningrad) poets

Dedicated for Petersburg 300 years anniversary


Composed and performed by Zlata Razdolina





1.     I will drink from the Neva’s water – Anna Akhmatova


2.     Pavlovsk Park – Anna Akhmatova


3.     In Autumn park – Vadim Shefner


4.     Ballad on Veronya mountain – Michael Dudin *


5.     Way of life – Michael Dudin *


6.     I am wondering in the battlefields *


7.     Ballad of a child – Michael Dudin *


8.     The Blockade of LeningradPavel Shubin *


9.     The year 1945 – Yuri Kracavin *


10.      All with this town forever – Michael Dudin *


11.      Celebrate the Last anniversary  – Anna Akhmatova


12.      In Petropol we will die – Osip Mandelshtam


13.      PetersburgOsip Mandelshtam


14.      I don’t have to think about you anymore – Semion Botvinik


15.      Island in Leningrad – Joseph Brodski


16.      Requiem – Anna Akhmatova

Performance: The St. Petersburg’s Tele-Radio Governmental Company,

Channel 5 orchestra and choir, conductor: Anatoli Moiseyev,

Soloists: Ninel Shatzkaya, Vitaly Psaryov

*  From World War II Song cycle CD - Composed by Zlata after lyrics

written by poets who participated in the war

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