Please wait for few minutes, a music file is downloaded "Ananas (Pineapple) with Champagne..." Music, singing and synthesizer: Zlata Razdolina, Lyrics: Igor Severyanin

Zlata Razdolina

Composer, Author and Performer
of Song and Romance Cycles

to lyrics by famous Russian and Israeli poets

recorded live in concerts

[CD front cover]

This CD presents poems and songs recorded live in Zlata concerts.

The poets whose songs were composed and performed by Zlata and are presented in this CD are:

Anna Akhmatova; Konstantin Balmont; Igor Severyanin; Marina Tzvetayeva; Yevgeny Yevtushenko and contemporary Israeli and other poets writing in the Russian language such as Vladimir Dubin; Boris Eskin; Victor Gin; Leonid Norkin; Ilia Voitovetzki and Fredi Zorin (Ben-Natan).

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